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It has been my pleasure to work with Kristin for the past five years. She is an absolute joy! Not only is she highly creative, but she can produce stellar designs on short notice and with an upbeat, positive attitude. She does an outstanding job collaborating with co-workers and clients, meets her deadlines, and has always been an indispensable part of the team. I believe her best quality, however, is that she’s adaptable. Kristin is always eager to expand her knowledge base. This trait is a definite plus when working in web development, as the standards and methodologies change frequently. Because of her creativity and interest in learning new skills, Kristin will excel in any endeavor that she chooses to pursue.

Maya MullerPrincipal at Muller Design Studio

Kristin offers exceptional follow-up and wants to be absolutely sure as a client I’m satisfied with the final result. I’m fairly picky, yet Kristin doesn’t make me feel that way at all and quickly and pleasantly responds to my questions and requests and if there might be any (slight) delay, lets me know that up front. I will happily continue to return to Kristin¬† for future work.

Dana GreysonJournalist, Negotiator, Explorer & Food Spectrometer

I worked with Kristin for a few years at Muller Design Studio and she was always a “get it done” kind of person. I was constantly amazed at the effort that she put into projects: she didn’t appear to sleep until a job was done! In fact, I don’t think there is a superlative that wouldn’t apply to Kristin, she is just that good. Even when she was busy, she’d never hesitate to field a question or offer up pointers whenever I had a question about various web technologies/standards/etc. Kristin is definitely someone that I’d want in my corner when any project involved web design and development.

Brian JohnsonGraphic Designer

I’ve known Kristin’s since we were both students at Clark College all the way up to being work colleagues at Muller Design Studio. Her student graphic design work was always “national magazine print”-worthy. As a colleague, I was always impressed by her web dev acumen and her design ability.

I wish I was as good as graphic artist as Kristin. I hope we get to work together again in the future.

Juan MaldonadoTechnical Lead at Janrain
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